Trying to install PowerVM Virtual I/O Sever (VIOS) via HMC installios command, and it fails.

This document applies to VIOS 2.2.x.

HMC installios Requirements
Requires DHCP be used for the VIOS install
Requires the VIO install media to be in the HMC drive, NOT the server drive
The following information is needed to better diagnose the failure:
Virtual I/O Server level you are trying to install. (Note the LCD# on the media)
HMC level (lshmc -V).
Exact syntax, error code and verbose output of the failing command.
The example below uses AIX script command to capture data to a file, but you
can use any other means, such as putty log, etc.

Diagnosing the problem

Collecting installios Debug for P/D

Login as root to an AIX partition that has ssh configured and run the following:
# script /tmp/HMCinstallios.log
# ssh -l hscroot <HMC hostname> (to login to HMC)
# lshmc -V
Run installios command to reproduce failure.
Re-run installios for additional error details.
# exit (to go back to AIX prompt)
# exit (to end script)

Rename file to reflect your PMR#, Branch, and Country Code (i.e. 12345.999.000.HMCinstallios.log, where 12345 is PMR#, 999 is the Branch, and 000 is US country code);

# mv /tmp/HMCinstallios.log 12345.999.000.HMCinstallios.log

Then upload the file as follows:

# ftp
login: anonymous
password: <your email address>
ftp> cd /toibm/aix
ftp> prompt
ftp> binary
ftp> put <filename>
ftp> quit