1) Using “ntpdate” command , have a server suitable for synchronization by using the
#ntpdate -d ip.address.of.ntpserver

2) Client configuration for ntp is defined in the configuration file
#cat /etc/ntp.conf
driftfile /etc/ntp.drift
tracefile /etc/ntp.trace

3) start the xntpd daemon
#startsrc -s xntpd

4) To make permanent after reboot, uncomment the following line in /etc/rc.tcpip
vi /etc/rc.tcpip
start /usr/sbin/xntpd “$src_running”

5) check the service status
# lssrc -s xntpd
Subsystem Group PID Status
xntpd tcpip 3997772 active

6) check the time sync with server
#ntpq -p

server # Primary Server DC LAN
server # Secondary Server DC LAN

ntpdate -d
ntpdate -d


NTP – Leap Second

Pre-Implementation Task
ps -ef| grep “[x]ntpd”
lssrc -Ss xntpd
Implementat Plan
To enable “xntpd” to slew, the following actions are required:
stopsrc -s xntpd
chssys -s xntpd -a “-x”
lssrc -Ss xntpd => Check for Command arguments “-x” should be added
startsrc -s xntpd
Post-Implementation Test
ps -ef| grep “[x]ntpd” => Check for “-x” added to executable