How can I run the backupios command automatically from the crontab?

Many commands fail when run from cron, even though they work when run from the padmin command line interface (CLI).
Failing commands include mount <NFS directory> and backupios.

This is because /home/padmin/.profile is an important part of the CLI, changing the path and aliasing many commands.
The cron function does not read a user’s .profile, and so the commands fail. This is working as designed.
To enable the cron to run commands in the same way as the CLI, the command should start with /usr/ios/cli/ioscli

For example:
/usr/ios/cli/ioscli mount nimserver:/export /mnt
/usr/ios/cli/ioscli backupios -file /mnt/vios_backup -mksysb

If you want to redirect the output to a file you must use the “tee” command instead of the “>”

For example:
/usr/ios/cli/ioscli backupios -file /mnt/vios_backup -mksysb | tee /home/padmin/backupioserror.log