Why is rpc.statd using high CPU

AIX by default will send ip v6 dns queries which can lead to dns delays and will put unnecessary traffic on the network. Also if name resolution order is not set properly it can cause rpc.statd to create hundreds of threads waiting on name resolution.

Recommend changing the entry in /etc/netsvc.conf from hosts=local,bind
to hosts=local,bind4 . Or, if everything is commented out add the line hosts=local,bind4 to the end of the file.

Stop and restart rpc.lockd and rpc.statd.
# stopsrc -s rpc.lockd
# stopsrc -s rpc.statd
# startsrc -s rpc.statd
# startsrc -s rpc.lockd

NOTE: It is recommended to reboot AIX after making the change to /etc/netsvc.conf.
This is because some applications (such as WAS,DB2 and Oracle) will cache the order of name resolution and will not pick up the change to /etc/netsvc.conf unless those applications are stopped and restarted. A reboot will ensure the change is seen by every application that is running on the machine.