How can I change rootvg’s VGID and the PVIDs of the rootvg disks?

The physical volume identifier (PVID) and the volume group identifier (VGID) of the rootvg volume group can be changed during the system boot phase by setting the ghostdev attribute of the sys0 device to a value of 2 and reboot the system. The ghostdev attribute is a bitwise flag.

To list the current ghostdev attribute, enter the following command:

# lsattr -El sys0 -a ghostdev

To set the ghostdev attribute, enter the following command:

# chdev -l sys0 -a ghostdev=2
Following are the known values for the ghostdev attribute:
ghostdev=0 is the default and will change nothing during reboot

ghostdev=1 will delete customized ODM database on rootvg when AIX detects it has booted from a different LPAR or system.

ghostdev=2 will change the VGID of rootvg and the PVIDs of rootvg disks…
ghostdev=3 is undefined.

*NOTE: Values 2,3 are only available beginnning at 61-08 and 71-02.