DLPAR returns “No RMC Connection” error.
If having issues with dlpar returning a “no rmc connection” error.

On the HMC:
lspartition -dlpar

lpar should show up active<1>

Need to have port 657 open bidirectionally between hmc and lpar
for both TCP and UDP.
We can test for TCP with:

On the lpar:
tn <hmc_ipaddress> 657

Should connect, then disconnect
If it does not, then need to check for network connectivity:

ping <hmc_ipaddress>

If ping fails, then we will need to have the network configuration

If we are able to connect, then we need to clear out the lpar’s rmc
registry and restart the daemons.


note the nodeid


(If the lpar is configured as a CSM server or if it has VSDs
configured, or is running HACMP, do not run the recfgct command
without contacting IBM support.)


nodeid should change.
If it does not, then run:

odmdelete -o CuAt -q “name=’cluster0′”



node id should be changed

Wait a few minutes for rmc to establish connectivity then run

lspartition -dlpar

If partition does not show up active<1>, you will need to contact
HMC support to get root access on the HMC to continue.

Please contact technical support if you have problems or questions.