How to collect a pedbg from a HMC at either v7 or v8?

To start the data collection you login as hscpe and run the following command.
pedbg –c –q 4

Note: The output file is in /dump and typically has a filename HSClogs.<hostname><date time>.zip (example:

You can check to see if the hscpe user exists on your HMC by running following.
lshmcusr | grep hscpe

If user hscpe does not exist, you can create the account using following command.
mkhmcusr –u hscpe –a hmcpe –d “HMC PE User”

If the hscpe account does exist, but you are not aware of the password then you can change it as follows.
chhmcusr -u hscpe –t passwd

Once the pedbg collection is finished you would then transmit the file from the HMC to either IBM’s testcase site directly (if the HMC can access the Internet) or to a system where you can then transmit the data to IBM. You can enter “sendfile” without options to see all the syntax usage, but the options you would use to transmit to and rename the file with the PMR number is shown in an example below.

Following is information about the testcase site where the debug data needs to be sent.

The IBM testcase server is
Login is anonymous and password is your email address
For software PMRs for Power systems please put the testcase in directory /toibm/aix
For hardware PMHs for Power systems please put the testcase in /toibm/hw

Change the pedbg filename to include the PMR number as first part of name.

pedbg file name was
PMR is 12345.678.000
Change name to
When using sendfile, the –n option will allow you to change the name on the remote server. Following command example demonstrates using sendfile to transmit data to testcase site and rename the file.

sendfile -f /dump/ -h -d /toibm/aix -n -u anonymous –passwd ftp

If you are not able to send data directly to IBM from your HMC then you can still use sendfile to transmit the data to a unix server that supports either FTP or SFTP (add -s option for SFTP). Then you can retrieve the data from the unix server and transmit to IBM. Once the pedbg file is transmitted to IBM’s testcase site then you have completed the task of sending in PE debug data from the HMC.