Why does user get “530 user account name access denied login failed” error when trying to ftp into the system?

User tries to ftp into a system and his user name is not listed in the /etc/ftpuser or ftpaccess.ctl file and receives the below error:

“530 user account name access denied login failed”

Check to see what shell the user is using with the below command.

# lsuser username

username id=204 pgrp=staff groups=staff home=/home/username shell=/usr/bin/tcsh

Check to see if the user’s shell is listed in the /etc/security/login.cfg file.

# cat /etc/security/login.cfg

If there is not a /usr/bin/tcsh entry then add the user’s shell to the usw stanza.

# vi /etc/security/login.cfg

Note: The shell line is one continuous line.
shells = /bin/sh,/bin/bsh,/bin/csh,/bin/ksh,/bin/tsh,/bin/ksh93,/usr/bin
maxlogins = 32767
logintimeout = 60
auth_type = STD_AUTH

Now try your ftp