1. Check type and microcode level of your fibrechannel adapters:
lsmcode -A | grep fcs

2. Download the microcode from IBM’s download center Fix Central

3. Copy the file(s) to a place where AIX can access it

4. Check for the existance of the directory /etc/microcode. If it doesn’t exist create it.

5. Install the microcode files:
rpm -ihv –ignoreos pci.df1000fa-1-91A5.aix.noarch.rpm

Note: Installing the rpm only places the files in the directory /etc/microcode. It doesn’t install the microcode on the adapter and therefore doesn’t affect the system at all.

6. Download the microcode onto the adapter. This is done with diag:
diag -d fcs0 -T download

After pressing the key twice the system automatically checks if it there is microcode available under /etc/microcode for the selected adapter. If so, it comes up with the following screen:
Just accept the selection and press enter. The system now downloads the microcode onto the adapter. During the download procedure there is no service interruption. On success you’ll see the screen below:

7. Checking again with lsmcode:
lsmcode -A | grep fcs