The procedure to update the microcode of an ethernet adapter is pretty much the same as for the fibrechannel adapters. But there is one important exception: It cannot be done while the adapter is in use!

1. Check type and microcode level of your fibrechannel adapters:
lsmcode -A | grep ent

Conclusion: All adpaters are of type 14104003 and are on the same micorode level EP0140.

2. Download the microcode from IBM’s download center Fix Central

3. Copy the file(s) to a place where AIX can access it

4. Check for the existance of the directory /etc/microcode. If it doesn’t exist create it.

5. Install the microcode files:
rpm -ihv –ignoreos pciex.14104003-EP0170-1.aix.noarch.rpm

6. Detach the interface
ifconfig en0 detach

7. Download the microcode onto the adapter. This is done with diag:
diag -d ent0 -T download

Repeat the procedure for all adapters (but mind the note about dual/quad port adapters!) and check with lsmcode:

lsmcode -A | grep ent

8. Bring the network up again:
smitty chinet
mkdev -l inet0