Redhat Link: Sosreport fails. What data should I provide in its place



  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (All versions)


  • Sosreport hangs.
  • Sosreport will not run to completion on system.
  • Sosreport command is not working.
  • How to create a sosreport manually.
  • Need to provide the information related to the system without sosreport.
  • How do I collect data if sosreport is not installed?
  • I’m attempting to run a sosreport of the server, but it appears to be hanging.
  • How to collect the required logs from the server without running sosreport
  • I want to capture the system configuratiom periodically without sosreport.


  • Some of the data that is collected by sosreport can alternatively be collected using following script, it may take up to 5-10 minutes to run, depending on the size of the logs.
    1. Create a file named /tmp/, copy the script given below and save it in the /tmp/ file.
      export LANG=C
      # If this script hangs, un-comment the below two entries and note the command that the script hangs on.  Then comment out that command and re-run the script.
      # set -x
      # set -o verbose
      [[ -d /tmp/sosreport ]] && rm -rf /tmp/sosreport
      mkdir /tmp/sosreport && cd /tmp/sosreport && mkdir -p  var/log etc/lvm etc/sysconfig network storage sos_commands/networking
      echo -e "Gathering system information..."
      hostname &> hostname  
      cp -a /etc/redhat-release  ./etc/ 2>> error_log
      uptime &> uptime 
      echo -e "Gathering application information..."
      chkconfig --list &> chkconfig
      top -bn1 &> top_bn1
      service --status-all &> service_status_all
      date &> date
      ps auxww &> ps_auxww
      ps -elf &> ps_-elf
      rpm -qa --last &> rpm-qa
      echo -e "Running 'rpm -Va'. This may take a moment."
      rpm -Va &> rpm-Va
      echo -e "Gathering memory information..."
      free -m &> free  
      vmstat 1 10 &> vmstat
      echo -e "Gathering network information..."
      ifconfig &> ./network/ifconfig  
      netstat -s &>./network/netstat_-s
      netstat -agn &> ./network/netstat_-agn
      netstat -neopa &> ./network/netstat_-neopa
      route -n &> ./network/route_-n
      for i in $(ls /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/{ifcfg,route,rule}-*) ; do echo -e "$i\n----------------------------------"; cat $i;echo " ";  done &> ./sos_commands/networking/ifcfg-files    
      for i in $(ifconfig | grep "^[a-z]" | cut -f 1 -d " "); do echo -e "$i\n-------------------------" ; ethtool $i; ethtool -k $i; ethtool -S $i; ethtool -i $i;echo -e "\n" ; done &> ./sos_commands/networking/ethtool.out
      cp /etc/sysconfig/network ./sos_commands/networking/ 2>> error_log
      cp /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-* ./sos_commands/networking/ 2>> error_log
      cp /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/route-* ./sos_commands/networking/ 2>> error_log
      cat /proc/net/bonding/bond* &> ./sos_commands/networking/proc-net-bonding-bond 2>> error_log
      iptables --list --line-numbers &> ./sos_commands/networking/iptables_--list_--line-numbers
      ip route show table all &> ./sos_commands/networking/ip_route_show_table_all
      ip link &> ./sos_commands/networking/ip_link
      echo -e "Gathering Storage/Filesystem information..."
      df -l &> df
      fdisk -l &> fdisk
      parted -l &> parted
      cp -a /etc/fstab  ./etc/ 2>> error_log
      cp -a /etc/lvm/lvm.conf ./etc/lvm/ 2>> error_log
      cp -a /etc/lvm/backup/ ./etc/lvm/ 2>> error_log
      cp -a /etc/lvm/archive/ ./etc/lvm/ 2>> error_log
      cp -a /etc/multipath.conf ./etc/ 2>> error_log
      cat /proc/mounts &> mount  
      iostat -tkx 1 10 &> iostat_-tkx_1_10
      parted -l &> storage/parted_-l
      vgdisplay -v &> storage/vgdisplay
      lvdisplay &> storage/lvdisplay
      pvdisplay &> storage/pvdisplay
      pvs -a -v &> storage/pvs
      vgs -v &> storage/vgs
      lvs -o +devices &> storage/lvs
      multipath -v4 -ll &> storage/multipath_ll
      pvscan -vvvv &> storage/pvscan
      vgscan -vvvv &> storage/vgscan
      lvscan -vvvv &> storage/lvscan
      lsblk &> storage/lsblk
      lsblk -t &> storage/lsblk_t
      dmsetup info -C &> storage/dmsetup_info_c
      dmsetup status &>  storage/dmsetup_status 
      dmsetup table &>  storage/dmsetup_table
      ls -lahR /dev &> storage/dev
      echo -e "Gathering kernel information..."
      cp -a /etc/security/limits.conf ./etc/ 2>> error_log
      cp -a /etc/sysctl.conf ./etc/ 2>> error_log
      ulimit -a &> ulimit
      cat /proc/slabinfo &> slabinfo
      cat /proc/interrupts &> interrupts 
      cat /proc/iomem &> iomem
      cat /proc/ioports &> ioports
      slabtop -o &> slabtop_-o
      uname -a &> uname
      sysctl -a &> sysctl_-a
      lsmod &> lsmod
      cp -a /etc/modprobe.conf ./etc/ 2>> error_log
      cp -a  /etc/sysconfig/* ./etc/sysconfig/ 2>> error_log
      for MOD in `lsmod | grep -v "Used by"| awk '{ print $1 }'`; do modinfo  $MOD &>> modinfo; done;
      ipcs -a &> ipcs_-a
      ipcs -s | awk '/^0x/ {print $2}' | while read semid; do ipcs -s -i $semid; done &> ipcs_-s_verbose
      sar -A &> sar_-A
      cp -a /var/log/dmesg dmesg 2>> error_log
      dmesg &> dmesg_now
      echo -e "Gathering hardware information..."
      dmidecode &> dmidecode
      lspci -vvv &> lspci_-vvv
      lspci &> lspci
      cat /proc/meminfo &> meminfo  
      cat /proc/cpuinfo &> cpuinfo
      echo -e "Gathering kump information..."
      cp -a /etc/kdump.conf ./etc/ 2>> error_log
      ls -laR /var/crash &> ls-lar-var-crash
      ls -1 /var/crash | while read n; do mkdir -p var/crash/${n}; cp -a /var/crash/${n}/vmcore-dmesg* var/crash/${n}/ 2>> error_log; done
      echo -e "Gathering logs..."
      cp -a /var/log/* ./var/log/ 2>> error_log
      cp -a /etc/*syslog.conf ./etc/ 2>> error_log
      echo -e "Compressing files..."
      tar -cjf /tmp/sosreport.tar.bz2 ./
      echo -e "Script complete."
    2. Run the script.
      # cd /tmp
      # chmod +rwx
      # ./
    3. Attach /tmp/sosreport.tar.bz2 to the support case.