If you are running AIX 6.1 and above then go through below link

AIX ISO mount using loopmount


Follow the instructions below to mount an ISO image in AIX Server

Obtain the size of the image.
# du -sm server_tools.iso

Identify the nearest multiple of 128 MB that will provide enough space for the image. 
For example, if the image size is 700MB, then you will need 768MB to mount it.

# mklv -y cdlv -s n -L /dev/cdlv rootvg 768M hdisk0
If the above command fails, increase the volume size by a multiple of 128.

Use the dd command to create a pseudo-device.
# dd if=/softwares/server_tools.iso of=/dev/cdlv

Note that this command may take a long time and will create two dd processes.

After this, Mount the device like a CD-ROM in AIX. Ensure that the mount point exists.
# mount -v cdrfs -o ro /dev/cdlv /mnt

 Change directory into /mnt and you can able to access the contents of ISO