Step 1: Enable telnet using the command: chsubserver -a -v telnet -p tcp & refresh -s inetd
Step 2: Take the lslpp output: lslpp -l |grep -i sudo

SUDO Upgrade
Step 1: Check the current sudo version. To check current sudo version run “sudo -V |head -1”
Step 2: Take the backup file copy of /etc/sudoers. Use the syntax cp -p /etc/sudoers /etc/sudoers_<date>
Step 2: Copy the package to /
Step 3: cd / (change directory to root) smitty update_all – Select file USFSsudo-
Step 4: After the upgrade, Please do the below checks

Test Plan
Step 1: Don’t exit the current session
Step 2: Open a new session and login to the server on which you have done the sudo upgrade
Step 3: Check whether you are able to do “sudo su -” (Switch to root id) on the new session
Step 4: Check the version. Execute the command “sudo -V”
Step 5: Check the sudo errors. Execute the command “sudo -l”
Step 6: Disable the telnet using command : chsubserver -d -v telnet -p tcp & refresh -s inetd

Backout plan
Step 1: Remove the installed software using smitty : smitty remove
Step 2: Reinstall the old package using smitty : smitty installp