The below example will help you understand on what kind of system configuration can be viewed

echo “stat” |kdb


testserver:# echo “stat” |kdb
START END <name>
0000000000001000 0000000004150000 start+000FD8
F00000002FF47600 F00000002FFDF9C8 __ublock+000000
000000002FF22FF4 000000002FF22FF8 environ+000000
000000002FF22FF8 000000002FF22FFC errno+000000
F1000F0A00000000 F1000F0A10000000 pvproc+000000
F1000F0A10000000 F1000F0A18000000 pvthread+000000
read vscsi_scsi_ptrs OK, ptr = 0x4640E10
(0)> stat
CHRP_SMP_PCI POWER_PC POWER_5 machine with 16 available CPU(s) (64-bit registers)

sysname… AIX
nodename.. testserver
release… 1
version… 6
build date Nov 9 2015
build time 12:14:55
label….. 1548E_61e
machine… 00F0988D4E00
nid……. F0988D4E
age of system: 46 day, 2 hr., 22 min., 48 sec.
xmalloc debug: enabled
FRRs active… 0
FRRs started.. 0