Issue Reported:

Storage team have assigned the LUNs to LPAR (NPIV) however LUNs are not visible at OS end.

Error Message:

After executing cfgmgr -v command. I have noticed there was message thrown by the system as highlighted below

****************** no stdout ***********
****************** stderr ***********
mkdev: 0514-548 Cannot perform the requested function because
the / filesystem is full or is out of inodes.



Upon, checking i found root (/) filesystem has reached 100%

labserver1:/ # df -gt
Filesystem GB blocks Used Free %Used Mounted on
/dev/hd4 0.88 0.88 0.00 100% /
labserver1:/ #

After, Bringing down the filesystem usage to less than 100%. We were able to see the LUNs successfully on the server

Root (/) filesystem found to be 100%

Reduced the root (/) filesystem less than 100%

Before scanning the LUNs check whether any OS related file system has occupied 100%