11. If cron is hung, try to get a stack trace of it.
On AIX 5.3 and up you can use procstack to get a quick view of the current state of the process

# ps -ef | grep cron
root 258184 1 0 Oct 01 – 0:00 /usr/sbin/cron

# procstack 258184
258184: /usr/sbin/cron
0xd0383a34 read(??, ??, ??) + 0x1a8
0x10000c74 msg_wait() + 0xe8
0x10004240 idle(??, ??) + 0x4c
0x10004f50 main(??, ??) + 0x544
0x10000198 __start() + 0x98

12. Check to see if cron has forked off a child process that may be hung. This can easily be done with the proctree command

# proctree -a 258184
1 /etc/init
258184 /usr/sbin/cron

Adding the “-a” option allows you to see that init started cron from the inittab, and still lists it as a child process.
NOTE: both /usr/bin/procstack and /usr/bin/proctree are found in the bos.perf.protocols fileset.