Here is a command to capture TCP/IP packet information between your server and another in IBM AIX:

Become root user, Find a temporary directory to capture the data (/tmp in this example) Run the iptrace command:

# iptrace -a -d host_destination -b /tmp/ip.out

iptrace will run in the background and results will be in /tmp/ip.out

To see the results of the trace:
# ipreport /tmp/ip.out more

Don’t foregt to kill iptrace when you’re done:
# ps -ef grep iptrace grep -v grep awk ‘{system(“kill ” $2)}’

Some other cool options of iptrace:
-d : specify destination IP address -s : specify origin IP address
-b : show 2-way traffic (as in “-s xxx -b” or “-d xxx -b”)
-a : no ARP requests (less pollution in the trace)

To see all packets going in and out of server, unixserv, without ARP requests:

# iptrace -a -d unixserv -b /tmp/ip.out

iptrace and ipreport are in IBM AIX LPP “”