biod : interact with nfsd from client.
nfsd : interact with biod from server.
rpc.mountd : to mount from client.
rpc.statd : Provides crash and recovery functions for the locking services on NFS.
rpc.lockd : Processes lock requests.
nfsrgyd : The nfsrgyd daemon provides a name translation service for NFS servers and clients.
gssd : The gssd daemon makes these GSS(General Security Service) services available to the NFS server kernel code.
portmapper : Converts RPC program numbers into Internet port numbers.
nlockmgr : The nlockmgr is part of the file locking manager system for NFS.

rpcinfo -p | grep nfs

We were stumbling around trying to figure out why NIM wasn’t working when we realized that the issue was with /etc/netsvcs.conf. We needed to set: hosts=local4,bind4

This got unset because we made the mistake of using our admin sandbox as the same machine as our NIM server.