GPFS Stop and Startup procedure

df -gt
lsvg -o |lsvg -il
mmgetstate -a
mmshutdown -a
mmount all -a
mmstartup -a
gpfs changing ip address

1. mmshutdown all -a
2. Change /etc/hosts file, including the new ip addresses
3. mmchnode -N –daemon-interface
4. mmchnode -N –daemon-interface
5. mmstartup all -a

GPFS configuration

0. Setup a separate physical network for gpfs with etherchannel.
Assign IP addresses for both gpfs nodes.
Enter IP Addresses (node1_gpfs, node2_gpfs) in /etc/hosts file.

1. Remote Shell between Nodes.
– rsh node1_gpfs df
– rsh node2_gpfs df

2. Delete the existing cluster
– mv /var/mmfs/mmsdrfs /var/mmfs/mmsdrfs.old

3. Create a Cluster Node File
#mkdir /etc/gpfs
#cat /etc/gpfs/allnode.gpfs

4. Create a Cluster
# mmcrcluster -n /etc/gpfs/allnode.gpfs -p node1 -s node2 -C gpfs_cluster_name
#mmchconfig release=LATEST
#mmlslicense -L
#mmchlicense server -N node1
5. Create gpfs nsd (Network Shared Disk; like vg)
# cat /etc/gpfs/oracle1.desc
hdiskpower1 :::dataAndMetadata:100:gpfs01
# cat /etc/gpfs/oracle2.desc

# mmcrnsd -F /etc/gpfs/oracle1.desc -v no

# mmcrnsd -F /etc/gpfs/oracle2.desc -v no

# mmlsnsd

5.1 mmstartup -a
#mmgetstate -aL

6. Create File Systems.
mmcrfs /oracle/THDP /dev/gpfs_THD -F /etc/mmfs/oracle1.desc -v no -A no -M 2 -m 1 -R 2 -r 1 -B 512K -N 3654466
mmcrfs /oracle/THDP /dev/gpfs_THD -F /etc/mmfs/oracle2.desc -v no -A no -M 2 -m 1 -R 2 -r 1 -B 512K -N 3654466
7. Create Tiebreaker
# cat /etc/gpfs/disk.desc.tie
# mmcrnsd -F disk.desc.tie -v no
#mmshutdown -a
# mmchconfig tiebreakerDisks=tiebreaker

# mmlsconfig ; tiebreaker / configuration confirm.
8. Activate and Mount File Systems.
node1; mmgetstate -aL

node1; mmstartup –a

node1; tail –f /var/mmfs/gen/mmfslog

node1; mmgetstate –aL
node1; mmmount all -a

node1; mmshutdown -a
9. Change File System Mounting point. (if necessary)
#mmchfs device -T newMountingPoint