Here are the commands related to error demon in AIX

To stop logging run the below command

To get rid of that log.
# rm /var/adm/ras/errlog

To restart the daemon, thus creating a new error log
# /usr/lib/errdemon

To determine the path to your system’s error log file, run the following command:
# /usr/lib/errdemon -l

output :
# /usr/lib/errdemon -l
Error Log Attributes
Log File /var/adm/ras/errlog
Log Size 1048576 bytes
Memory Buffer Size 32768 bytes
Duplicate Removal true
Duplicate Interval 10000 milliseconds
Duplicate Error Maximum 1000

# errpt -a————To display a detailed report of all the errors

#errclear— Deletes entries from the error log.
#errinstall— Installs messages in the error logging message sets.
#errupdate ——Updates the Error Record Template repository.

#errpt -A -j identifier – to check the error log with a specific identifier
#errclear 0 – clears the error log
# /usr/lib/errstop – stops the error deamon
# /usr/lib/errdemon – starts error deamon