Error Message:

server02:root:/root>alt_disk_install -CB hdisk153
ATTENTION: calling new module /usr/sbin/alt_disk_copy. Please see the alt_disk_copy man page
and documentation for more details.
Executing command: {/usr/sbin/alt_disk_copy -B -d “hdisk153”}
Calling mkszfile to create new / file.
Checking disk sizes.
Creating cloned rootvg volume group and associated logical volumes.
0505-102 alt_disk_install: mkvg has returned an error.
0519-100 libodm: Cannot open the object class collection file.
Check path name and permissions.
0516-307 /usr/sbin/mkvg: Unable to access Device Configuration


server02:root:/root> alt_disk_install -X
server02:root:/root> export LDR_CNTRL=MAXDATA=0x80000000
server02:root:/root> alt_disk_install -CB hdisk153